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    While most people know me as offering consulting service for Google AdSense and contextual advertising, I am also an expert in multiple other areas of search engine optimization & marketing including:

    Pay Per Click (both on a management level & troubleshooting level if you need your campaign’s critiqued on conversion & quality score issues but prefer to do the work & management yourself); Google AdWords Quality Score (including landing page issues); Google AdWords Content Network; Yahoo Search Marketing & new Panama platform; Duplicate content issues; DMCA; Copyright infringement; Content for Search Engines (including hiring writers, creating content & generating new content ideas); Social content creation (using users to create content for you); Community Building

    Pay Per Click Audits
    If you are having problems with your quality score or have a poor converting ad campaign, a pay per click audit might be what you need. I will go through all aspects of your ad campaign, examining your landing page(s), ad copy quality, keywords, CTR, ROI… essentially everything that can (and will!) impact your pay per click campaigns that negatively impact your bottom line. I will make recommendations for changes to improve ROI – including quality score specific changes to improve scores – as well as suggest A/B testing where appropropriate.

    Usability Audits
    You know your site should be performing better than it is. But when you get too close to your own site, you sometimes cannot see the things that turn potential customers away. With a usability audit, I will look at all on-page aspects that will affect the visitors on your site. I will provide specific recommendations for changes to ensure your site is user friendly, covering everything from content presentation and navigational issues to leakage and increasing site stickiness.

    Content Action Plans
    Are you at a loss when it comes to adding new content? Have access to writers but don’t quite know what to get them to write on? Not sure how to expand your current content? With a content action plan, I will help you further your online content through brainstorming and exploring further avenues of content both through implementation and creation.

    Contextual Advertising Consulting
    Are you leaving too much money on the table when it comes to your contextual ad earnings? Probably! A little optimization goes a long way, and you could easily see your CTR jump up in leaps and pounds and double, triple or even quadruple your current earnings. I also can assist in selecting the best converting and earning contextual ad program for you, as well as other non-contextual programs to complement it.

    Duplicate Content & Copyright Infringement Action Plans
    Having trouble working around the duplicate content filter, or wanting to find those ripping off your content? I have done extensive work with the duplicate content filter and can assist you if you are discovering your content is the one getting filtered, and how to deal with the copyright infringers. I will recommend the appropriate steps (DMCA; cease & desist) to have the duplicates removed from the search engine indexes so your original content will once again rank at the top, and the steps you should take against the content theives.

    Community Building Road Map
    Do you believe you have a strong opportunity to build a community built site? If you are starting, or are planning to, I can provide a tried-and-true road map for success in building, growing and maintaining a successful online community. We will discuss your goals, then I will build a step-by-step road map that you can then implement on your site.

    On-site training
    I am available to do on-site training for social media, pay per click and other search engine marketing techniques for you and your team. Please let me know your needs, and I can tailor the day around you. There is a minimum full-day requirement, which can be split over two mornings or two afternoons. I am local to the Victoria, BC area, although I can easily travel throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

    Please contact me using the form below for more information on my consulting services and rates. I am also available for on-site consulting, although most consulting can easily be handled with phone calls / Skype, email and instant messaging.



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