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    Moderator: Greg Finn, Chief Marketing Officer, Cypress North (@gregfinn)

    Q&A Moderator: Noran El-Shinnawy, Director of Marketing, BoostCTR (@noranshinnawy)


    Addie Conner, VP, Advertising, SocialCode (@socialcodeinc)
    Matt Lawson, VP of Marketing, Marin Software (@marinsoftware)
    Will Scott, President, Search Influence (@w2scott)
    Marty Weintraub, CEO, aimClear (@aimclear)

    First up is Matt from Marin Software.  He says consumers exposed to a brands social media are 50% more likely to click on paid search ads.  He also recommends the white paper “The Influenced: Social Media, search and the interplay of consideration and consumption” by Group M for more metrics.

    He advises to expand to fans of related brands and competitors.

    Use keyword stemmping to find interests.  For example, type “camping i” and see what Facebook suggests.  Then do it for every letter of the alphabet following your main keyword.

    Micro-segment your audience to keep cost down and get the most targeted audience.  Finely tuned segments allow you to shift spend to audiences that perform, increasing conversion and ROI.

    Test images before copy.  Draw attention to ads with contrasting colors, and try to avoid blues because it is too similar to the Facebook color scheme.   Link images to audience to increase relevance:  use people’s faces and when all else fails, test pictures of cute puppies (LOL!)

    Keep ads fresh: finely targeted audience x 4 hours/week on Facebook = ad blindness.  When your ad starts suffering from ad blindness, Facebook will reduce your ad inmpressions since it is less likely people will click on it.  Rotate ads every 2-3 days or as impressions drop, as you want to maintain your impression volume with an increase ctr and lower cost per like.

    Maintain the facebook experience and integrate social experience on your site.

    Next is Addie Conner

    Think beyond the “like”-  optimizing towards facebook’s edgerank algorithm and fan value.

    Sponsored like ads and inline fan ads are the most cost efficient advertising and have the highest engagement rates. Sponsored story units have the highest CTR but no control over them.

    Next is Will Scott   from Search Influence

    They ran a campaign for 7 days in January – overall it was a $o.17 cost per fan. with a 0.6% CTR on ads.

    Clicks are expensive but impressions are cheap, likes are cheap.

    Marty Weintraub @aimclear is next.

    Target people based on where they work, and target people with really freaky interests – he showed all kinds of crazy interests people have that you can target with your advertising.

    With sponsored stories, target the friends of your friends.

    During the Q&A, Addie Xonners said Facebook is trying to make their ads not look like ads.

    Some other tips given include: don’t write one ad, write many. Images must pop, adjust contrast to make it pop if you can. Don’t ask  people to buy your product, ask them to like you instead.  Focus on copy and consider rotating ads as extremely important.


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