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    When I heard that David Naylor, AKA DaveN, was going to be a part of the SEO Rehab & Intervention session at San Jose SES, which was how to deal with your SEO addictions, I found it pretty amusing… after all, of all the SEOs I know, I would rank Dave as being the one I’d put at the top of my list for being most addicted to all things SEO. Whether it is poring over logs for hours (yes, unadulterated raw logs that cause most SEO’s eyes to glaze over after about 5 minutes), checking PageRank, looking at rankings in a bunch of different geotargeted countries, or even just plain old mucking about with his blog entries for hours on end to get the perfect description snippet to appear in Google, there is no one else I know with as much passion for SEO as DaveN.

    Which of course, begs the question, what is an SEO Addict doing telling others how to get off the high of repeatedly checking all things SEO?

    Having spent time in Dave’s office as well as sitting around his laptop at more conferences than I can count, he is an SEO who thrives off that high that only the top SEOs get when it comes to seeing the success of their labor – not to mention the thrill of showing off to other SEO types who tend to gather around when he’s got his laptop open on a table with any open seats. I’ve even been a guest at his house when he’s brought up serps on his big screen TV, under the guise of showing off how Windows Media Center works with the internet. You know, the kind of all-consuming passion that most people wished they had.

    And as a matter of fact, it was this SEO addiction that nearly made him late (yes, with just one minute to spare) when he was on his way to present on the SEO Rehab & Intervention session at SES San Jose this year. I was helping Dave with his SES presentation, since while his optimization skills are top notch, his grammatical skills can sometimes leave something to be desired, as any reader of his blog will no doubt be aware of!

    So I present a day in the life of Dave Naylor at SES, on a day he has a session after lunch and no PowerPoint completed.

    The morning began with my wake up text message confirming our breakfast plans (he will argue it was at the ungodly hour of 8:30am, but in my defense, he chose the time the night before). We met down in the hotel restaurant and while we had a buffet breakfast, we talked a bit about what should be included in an SEO Rehab presentation and how people should get off the desire to check their rankings every 20 minutes. And ok, I admit, I may have rolled my eyes once or twice (Hello, Pot? This is Kettle!)

    Breakfast ended with plans to sit down somewhere with his laptop, when Dave thought it might be a good idea for a quick jaunt through the expo hall to pick up any swag that 6-8 year olds would love… after all, the session isn’t until 2:45, that’s lots of time, right? And if you know Dave, he loves nothing better than to talk (and talk and talk), so the quick trip into the expo hall resulted in spending about an hour wandering around and stopping at booths here and there, based upon either what they were offering or how good their swag was.

    Then another ½ hour goes by at the Microsoft booth (where an unnamed Microsoft Live Search guy showed off how awesome their stuffed frog slingshots were by firing a ribbitting frog off into the nearby Google Analytics booth). Then comes the requisite visit to the Webmasterradio.fm booth where we chatted with Brasco while making sure we registered for that night’s Search Bash. Then came the inevitable visit to the Best of the Web booth, where longtime SES attendees know as the real gathering place at the conference, at least prior to an acceptable “let’s go grab a drink” hour. All said and done, a good two or more hours passed between the times we wandered into the Expo hall for a quick visit and the time we actually walked back out again.

    Now, we actually sit down at his laptop to do his presentation, which is less than two hours away by this point. But first he wants to show off some of the new in-house tools he has developed or enhanced for his clients since he last showed them off to me at SES New York, and I admit being envious over a few of them. So another hour or so passes while he shows me some new SEO analysis tools, link tools and blog tools, as well as some new client stuff, while I do the requisite oohing and aahing. And of course, there is another decent chunk of random serp checking for client sites thrown into the mix, of course, since serps can look wildly different between here and the UK.

    Which, of course, brings us to less than an hour before the session, and PowerPoint is finally launched on Dave’s new laptop. So we talk a bit about what should be included, and after about three atrocious grammatical and spelling errors on Dave’s part, I take over the PowerPoint writing job (is this the intervention part of SEO Rehab &Intervetion?) while I translate what Dave is saying into something most Americans can understand, while throwing in my own two cents of course. And more tools are run, this time on generic sites or Dave’s blog instead of his client sites, while grabbing screen shots to paste into his presentation.

    Times flies and a quick look at the time shows the session starts in ten minutes. Some final edits are made, a last screenshot is taken and the presentation is saved onto a USB stick that reminds me of a piece of lego. We make it to the session room (which of course we had to look up which room it was in, as we walked through the conference area) and Dave hands over his USB stick with about a minute to spare.

    Want to see the presentation we whipped up after all this? You can download Dave Naylor’s SES PowerPoint here, complete with the tool screenshots. And now you know exactly what goes into a typical day in the life of DaveN at a conference, at least prior to the acceptable “let’s grab a drink” hour :)


    Jennifer Slegg is a longtime member of the SEO community and is an expert on social media, content marketing, Google AdSense and search engines.

    13 Responses to Dave Naylor’s SEO Addiction

    1. August 26, 2008 at 7:55 am

      And what of the 12 hours after the presentation Jen? Or is that for another time :-) I’ve known Dave for a while and always been a big fan, but with that presentation he really nailed it. It was quite inspiring!

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    3. Scott
      August 26, 2008 at 6:34 pm

      What a great read, many of us just see Dave the entertainer at conferences, so it is nice to see this side of him. How about you go to his office next, I’d love to see you write a day in the life of Dave Naylor at his office, or you writing on how he first tackles a new client site, complete with tool screen shots of course :)

    4. August 26, 2008 at 8:15 pm

      I think you should do another one on DaveN too, but be sure to include all the keywords and URLs he was looking up too, I am sure he won’t mind! Or at least take some pics of his office so we can squint and try and see what is on his computer screen! How about you just do a whole DaveN series 😉

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    6. August 27, 2008 at 2:01 am

      yeah,that’s right man!

    7. August 27, 2008 at 2:10 am

      Thanks Jen, another good blog. I second on the fact we want keywords 😉 Or URLs 😉 Or more days you talk about what he actually does all day 😉 It is nice to know someone is obsessed like me when it comes to this stuff. But does he really check or care about Pagerank? I thought it was one of those useless metrics like Alexa rank now?

    8. Lisa
      August 27, 2008 at 3:49 am

      Ha, this is funny. Nice to know others aren’t organized too! I like seeing “behind the scenes” on some industry experts. I’ll be sure to go to the Best of the Web booth next time too.

    9. August 27, 2008 at 8:59 am

      So were any of the tools used public ones, or were they all his secret ones only he gets to use?

    10. Jenstar
      August 27, 2008 at 9:10 am

      Dave has some public tools on his site:

      Otherwise, the rest of them were all in-house ones he developed.

    11. Martin
      August 28, 2008 at 12:18 am

      It’s nice to see this kind of article from you Jenn, keep up the good work. I also vote on doing a series!

    12. August 28, 2008 at 12:22 am

      I saw DaveN’s powerpint, or what Kevin Ryan let him do of it, and thought that while what he was saying sounded like him, the words on the screen were far too grammatically correct and polished compared to what I normally read, or should I say try to read, on his blog. Nice to know he has someone good behind the scenes to polish him up a bit to what we can all understand!!

      Now, if only you can edit his blog entries now too 😉

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