• Is blogging running your life instead of you running your blog?

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    Yes, it’s true, there are people who love to blog – and blog with such a passion we wonder how we could emulate what they do. But there is a fine line that you might be crossing over… one where it seems you are no longer the boss of your blog, but that your blog is the boss of you. While not everyone is in danger of this happening, it seems to be something that is happening to people with a bit more frequency lately. So if you are a super blogger, you need to sit back and consider if you are really running your blog or if your blog is running you.

    Some of us are lucky to get out a blog entry a week, while others desperately try for one blog entry a day. But if you are sitting and your desk blogging and turning down chances to be social (and no, I don’t mean just taking the time to update your Twitter status or video conferencing, I mean actual face-to-face interactions with other people) you need to sit back and think if you really need to be on the super blogger schedule that you are on. Can you cut back your seven blog posts a day to four posts then slowly get it down to one or two?

    Addiction Pt. 2
    Some bloggers have the need to post as much as they can, but in some cases, being so blog happy can actually turn off your readers. Why? Because when they view your feed there is just so much there they just don’t know where to begin if at least one of those blog posts don’t immediately pop at them. You could lose subscribers that would have happily stuck around to read one great blog post a day but found seven just two overwhelming day in and day out.

    Honey, it’s bedtime
    If your partner is making bedroom eyes at you, but you decline the suggested offer so you can blog instead, well, many people will wonder what on earth you are doing still at your computer!! Yes, there will always be times where you need to make the decision of blogging over your partner, but these cases should be extreme and few and far between. If your blog just got hacked from a WordPress exploit, most people can understand the need to fix it ASAP before any more damage is done. If you found something Digg or Slashdot-worthy because it is breaking news, by all means write your blog entry now, because those 8 hours of, er, slumber could mean that someone else breaks the story. But is it your latest top ten list of how to stop comment spam, well, that is something that can and should wait until morning.

    You blog on days you really shouldn’t be
    Is it an hour before you exchange wedding vows and you are sitting at your computer blogging about what you think Google should do with YouTube, you really have to sit and ask yourself WHY. There are some days where blogging should be a no-no, so think of life’s big events (weddings, baby’s birth, significant funerals) and either schedule those blog posts or get up a little extra early to do it before anyone else in the house awakens, or perhaps a quick “He’s here, 8lbs 2 oz, Christopher Michael, pics soon!” posted to your blog from your Blackberry. Even your wedding anniversary qualifies if your husband or wife is sitting in the living room waiting for you to come down so you can leave for your romantic evening out. If you are putting these types of events second to blogging, yes, Houston, you have a problem.

    Making life’s small events blogworthy
    Sure, we all have things happen to us and think “Wow, that will make a great blog analogy”, such as the friend who replied to me “So, you do Facebook” when I mentioned I do social media consulting. That isn’t really a stretch, and it highlighted the fact people in the industry still think of social media as sites like Facebook and MySpace. But are you taking all those little things and constantly wondering how you can make them blog worthy? If you are an SEO blogger, you will probably find it hard to figure out how to spin the fact your daughter is potty trained into a blog post… but if your blog is running you, chances are you will figure out how to do it anyway just so you have something – anything – to write about, even if the end result sucks.

    Does your output match your expected quality
    When I have followed those who blog multiple times a day, I notice that the quality goes down. Why? Because they are so focused on how much they can output, with the desire to blog anything just to blog, they fail to notice the quality drops significantly compared to when that same person writes one well thought out blog post. I have unsubscribed from people’s blogs for this exact reason because I tired of not only how they turned potty training into an SEO related post, but did it so poorly that it was almost embarrassing to read. One well written and thought out blog post will trump 20 lesser blog posts any day of the week. Your blog doesn’t “need” you to post the seven times a day you want to blog, so cut back on quantity and up the quality instead. And if you think your blog really needs you, you probably have bigger issues than just a blog addiction!

    Blogging something you hate
    I would much rather read about a subject from a blogger who loves it, rather than from a blogger who hates the topic but does it anyway. If this is how you feel about your blog, where it is a chore to blog even just once a week, you might be better off kicking it to the curb and selling it, then using the money to start up something new that you are passionate about. Just because you end up hating the topic doesn’t mean you are a failure. But you might want to pick the next topic with much more care next time. It is no surprise that finding your blogging niche equals blog success. Just make sure you aren’t having a bad week and sell on impulse, which so often people end up regretting. If you are hating it, sit on it for a month, while continuing to blog so you maintain the blog’s sell value, and if you still despise every moment you have to spend on it, then sell it.

    We all have times where we swear our blogs and/or websites are running our lives… and sometimes they do and they (unfortunately) need to. But it is still important to make sure that you aren’t always being run by your blog… if you are missing out on what non-bloggers would consider must-not-miss events, well, you should probably rethink your priorities a bit so that you can have a balanced life and not one where you blog is making your personal decisions… because last I checked, your blog really isn’t good company when you are out of reach of your computer 😉

    Now, hands everyone… is your blog running your life? And what do you do about it?


    Jennifer Slegg is a longtime member of the SEO community and is an expert on social media, content marketing, Google AdSense and search engines.

    3 Responses to Is blogging running your life instead of you running your blog?

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    2. May 16, 2008 at 10:37 am

      I totally agree with this…if there were some type of software to help you manage blogs and blogging events, that would help alot. Of course, its like texting….can’t get way out of hand anyway..

    3. July 12, 2008 at 3:58 am

      LOL, this post makes my night, my “4 am” night, ehem ehem, so can you tell who’s running who in my case here? :-) Sometimes I want to push it so hard while maintaining quality, of course (which is a good thing). But at the same time my blog starts to get bigger than my own life at times, like tuning out at dinner pondering about how to increase traffic, and stuff like that. So far I “think” I am still ok, but this post is a reminder of signs to watch for before my blog starts running me. Thanks.

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